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IQCK.com provides reliable IQ Tests that can be completed online.
The test takes 30 minutes or less to complete and you will receive an instant result when the test is completed.

How does it work?

The IQ test contains 30 graphical multiple choice questions. Each question has only one correct solution. All the questions have to be completed in 30 minutes.
The test measures native intelligence, analytical thinking, mathematical ability and short term memory.

How accurate is it?

The questions in this IQ test and the results algorithm have been developed by Mensa members with high accuracy in mind. The percentage of deviation is 1.6%.
The test is valid for 99.6% of the world population. For the other 0.4% with very high IQ much more thorough testing is needed.

Can I improve my IQ?

Most research shows that our IQ remains quite fixed thorough our lives. The IQ test measures what is known as fluid intelligence. It describes the human ability to solve abstract problems without requiring knowledge and skills learned in the past.
Simple answer: No

How much does it cost?

After completing the test you will be asked to pay 1.
If you don't want to pay that's fine. Just send us a mail or use the contact form and ask us to send your result. We will send it to you free of charge.
Just make sure you provide your Test ID so that we can identify your test.

Can I view the results of an older test?

Yes you can!
Go to IQ Test Results and enter your unique Test ID and Security code to show the results.
The security code is shown at the end of the test. Remember to save it!

What is the value of a "good" IQ?

There is no good or bad IQ. A higher value means higher native inteligence.Take a look at the graph below for some statistical data:

IQ distribution statistical dataimage credit: Wikipedia

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